CocoClear (4 Week Oil Pulling Program)

$49.00 $59.00

COCOCLEAR OIL PULLING KIT is a revolutionary way to brighten your smile, whiten your teeth, and naturally freshen your breath.

CocoClear's special blend of pure cold-pressed coconut oil with premium quality peppermint essential oil has been packaged in convenient tubes that are quick & easy to use on the go.

CocoClear is quickly becoming North America's most talked about healthy & natural teeth whitening kit!




    You will receive 28 tubes of CocoClear 100% Pure Oil Pulling Blend with FREE shipping!


  • USES


    - Whiten Teeth Quickly and Naturally 


    - Healthier Alternative to Freshen Your Breath


    - Reduce Plaque and Buildup on Your Teeth


    - Brighten Your Smile & Reduce Cavities


    - Boost Energy (dentists say optimal health and well-being starts in the mouth)


    - Strengthen Your Immune System and Fight Colds/Flus


    - Completely Transform Your Oral Health




    Use 1 tube per day for 28 days. It is recommended you perform oil pulling on an empty stomach or away from food.


    Empty contents of the tube into your mouth and swish for 10 - 15 minutes, moving the oil between your teeth.


    Spit in the trash can and Rewhitalize Your Smile!




    100% Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

    Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Oil




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