Our Cause



With every purchase of CocoClear, we donate a percentage to the Christina Noble Foundation Kindergarten Projects in Vietnam directly supporting the schooling program.


The Christina Noble Foundation ensures classroom conditions are safe for children, proper equipment is supplied, and there are no teacher shortages. They have constructed and equipped more than sixty kindergartens in Vietnam within the last 17 years.


Your contribution through CocoClear helps support underprivileged Vietnamese children and families by providing them with access to education and the opportunity for a better life. We are happy to be a part of the foundations mission to reduce poverty in Vietnam and enable the people of the region to receive education from a young age.


The Vietnamese population is just over 90 million and now more than ever, there is a need for food, clean water, and better education.


For the last twenty years, the Christina Noble Foundation has assisted thousands of children and their families working together to tackle the poverty crisis. They have set up a variety of programs in community development, healthcare, and education.


Your contribution is much needed and we thank you for your continued support! We are truly grateful for your support in our efforts to assist with the well-being of the people in Vietnam.