Top 10 Problems I Bet You Have & How Coconut Oil Can Help



I’m just a regular gal who loves being in her sweatpants with her hair tied in a bun.


My life’s pretty simple…


I walk the dog, make my morning smoothie, go to work, come home, rest and do it all over again.


On weekends I run by the lake and spend my afternoons drinking fancy coffees with my girlfriends.


I’m lucky for the life I live and every day I feel so blessed.


But, my life wasn’t always this way.


A year ago, I was sick. Very sick.


I slept only 3-4 hours each night, relied on caffeine for energy, and always felt weak and fatigued.


Needless to say, lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.


I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a digestive disorder that my doctor explained is caused by excessive levels of stress. I was working 16+ hours a day running my own business and trying to make ends meet.


Not only did my health suffer, my once pretty smile became dull, my hair thinned out, I got acne, and I went up 2 dress sizes.


I knew I needed to change. And in my search for better inner health, outer beauty, and a more balanced lifestyle, I discovered the power of coconut oil – what an incredible gift we’ve been given from Mother Nature.


“Coconut oil is not just for cooking. It’s the ultimate go-to superfood for a stronger immune system, vibrant energy, and improved memory. Not only does it support and work to heal the body on the inside, it can naturally help a person look and feel more beautiful on the outside.” Dr. Odessa Gill says, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor at Aspire Health Clinic.


Today, I can’t even imagine my life without coconut oil. Here are the top 10 ways to use coconut oil daily to improve your health from the inside out.


1. Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your morning coffee or smoothie


If you are guilty of hitting snooze in the mornings, feel like your energy drops around 3pm, or rely on caffeine to get you through the day, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil may give you the energy kick that you need.


You can easily take a spoon of this organic powerhouse oil in place of unhealthy energy drinks. Imagine jumping out of bed before your alarm clock goes off, feeling energized after lunch, or actually having the strength to hit the gym after work.


    2. Adding coconut oil into your daily life can help you better manage food cravings


    With intense food cravings for salty snacks or sweet treats, you can easily consume too many empty calories, especially if you eat on the go. For example, 1 regular size cookie from America’s favorite coffee house contains a whooping 410 calories, 23 grams of fat, and 48 grams of carbs.


    You can certainly control your food cravings and effortlessly maintain a healthier diet by adding wholesome nutritious fat from coconut oil into your diet. Coconut oil naturally curbs your cravings, keeps you feeling fuller longer, and helps you manage a healthy weight without feeling deprived of the foods you love.

      3. Research shows that coconut oil can help improve memory and increase alertness


      If you’re tired of brain fog or regularly doze off at work, coconut oil may be just what you need. Don’t be caught sleeping at your desk again.


      Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, which are instantly used as energy, rather than stored by the body as fat. It amazingly works to increase focus, productivity, and memory.


        4. Easily replace chemically ridden personal care products with coconut oil

        Most cosmetics and beauty products contain a long list of synthetic toxic ingredients that have no business in your body. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a natural product that works just as well as your favorite brands, without harmful side effects. Well look no further.


        Coconut oil can replace lotions, creams, makeup remover, and hair conditioning treatments. It’s a healthier, non-toxic alternative to nasty toxic products. You can feel confident with the 100% natural ingredients that you’re putting on your skin.


          5. Experience smooth, hydrated skin with just a few drops of all natural coconut oil


          If you have chronically dry skin, you’ll be happy to know that coconut oil works better than most moisturizing creams and lotions. It’s packed with hydrating natural oils and nutrients for the skin. Unlike water-based moisturizers which the skin quickly sucks up, coconut oil keeps your skin feeling hydrated much longer.


          No more embarassing flaky skin under your makeup or bumps that feel rough like sandpaper. Coconut oil can offer you smooth, silky skin that gets you compliments!


            6. High in Lauric Acid, coconut oil is one of nature’s secret ingredients to boost the immune system


            If you are constantly getting sick, or feel lousy, weak and tired, coconut oil can naturally support a healthier immune system.


            Rich in Lauric Acid, this immune fighting fatty acid works to combat bacteria and viruses, and keep colds and flus at bay. Imagine feeling healthy, vibrant, and strong throughout the winter months?


              7. Boasting anti-bacterial properties, swishing coconut oil in the mouth can brighten a smile and quickly whiten teeth


              Everyone wants a pearly white smile to boost their confidence. If you’re looking for a healthier, painless alternative to common teeth whitening methods, let me introduce you to the new way to whiten teeth, one that will likely exceed your expectations.


              No more pain after drinking hot tea. No more unwanted side effects and no more expensive dental treatments. Swishing coconut oil for about 15 minutes is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition that is gaining popularity and quickly transforming smiles all over the world.


                8. Freshening your breath has never been easier


                Swishing coconut oil in the mouth helps remove foul-smelling bacteria that easily gets stuck between the teeth. By reducing hidden bacteria in the oral cavity, you treat the underlying cause of bad breath rather than the symptom. No need to mask foul breath with gum or breath mints.


                Swishing coconut oil is the new way to freshen your breath and improve oral health, without exposing yourself to artificial ingredients/aspartame in gum and chemicals in mouthwash. Who would have thought that coconut oil could make you more kissable.


                  9. Coconut oil combats acne-causing bacteria and reduces breakouts


                  If you’re in your teens or suffer from adult acne, coconut oil may offer you a natural solution that doesn’t cause burning, drying, or redness of the skin. Getting acne under control doesn’t have to be complicated.


                  No need for drying benzoyl peroxide creams or continuous use of antibiotics. Now coconut oil offers acne-sufferers a natural solution to eliminating zits and pimples once and for all. Since coconut oil carries antibacterial properties and contains over 50% Lauric Acid, it has been deemed a powerful agent in the fight against Propionibacterium acnes (the main bacteria that causes acne).


                  Finally, thousands of people have discovered that flawless, blemish-free skin is possible for their skin type.


                    10. Stronger, thicker, healthier hair with one remarkable natural nourishing hair oil


                    With stress, hormonal changes, and environmental pollution, hair quickly becomes weaker, lifeless, and thinner. Coconut oil may be the answer to transform your hair from thin and fragile to strong and healthy. Apply a DIY coconut oil hair mask 1 – 3 times per week and watch your hair rapidly transform.


                      According to many health experts, coconut oil is a must-have for better health and well-being. I couldn’t agree more. Since introducing coconut oil into my life, I’ve experienced a new sense of confidence, balance, and inner health.


                      I feel better than I ever have and I haven’t come across another product that can do for men and women what coconut oil can do.


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