How Melissa Naturally Whitened her teeth in 10 days - without Teeth Whitening Kits and Dentist Visits

Let’s face it, at some point in your life, You’ve probably battled through teeth cleanings, feeling shamed for not flossing enough. You’ve probably noticed that your teeth weren’t quite so white anymore, and that the plaque buildup is getting harder and harder to remove.


You’ve probably struggled with bleeding gums or bad morning breath. You might have resorted to whitening strips, which only cover up the problem.


Not to mention, they destroy the enamel on your teeth and lead to tooth decay. 


They leave you with sensitivity to cold food and drinks, and end up just not being worth it. 


Teeth whitening strips have harmful, long-term effects and can cause irreversible tooth damage. 


Many Americans deal with the same day-to-day struggle.


Without better options, we sacrifice our health and well-being just to get a whiter smile. We pay for expensive dentist visits, and opt for short-term solutions that do nothing to fix the root of the problem.


Well, forget the brightening treatments and expensive visits to the dentist. Forget those hard-to-use whitening strips, and toothpaste tubes full of empty promises. Forget everything you’ve heard about teeth whitening so far.


What if I were to tell you that there is an easy, natural solution to brighten your smile, freshen your breath, and boost your overall health?


I want to show you how Melissa whitened her smile, and adopted an entirely new oral hygiene plan that left her feeling and looking better.


Melissa was desperate to find a natural solution to whitening her teeth, without the harmful side effects. After hearing about oil pulling from a friend, she began to do her own research.


Online, she found out that oil pulling is a completely safe, natural remedy. It originated in India as part of ancient Ayurvedic medicine and has been practiced for more than 3,000 years.


Oil pulling is a holistic treatment that promotes total body health. The technique cleanses your mouth (and your body) of harmful toxins, and helps fight numerous diseases and ailments.


Studies show that oil pulling can improve organ function, reduce the occurrence of sinus issues, improve sleep quality, and prevent heart disease and stroke. All while making your smile brighter!


Melissa was excited to give it a try, and anxious to see results. She was tired of harsh treatments that couldn’t treat the root of the problem.


However, she soon realized that it was difficult to get the oil to the right consistency, and the taste just wasn’t very pleasant.


She tried melting the coconut oil in the microwave to change it from a solid to a liquid, but it was often too hot to use right away. And though she likes using coconut oil in recipes, she found that the taste wasn’t bearable for 20 minutes of swishing.


Because she travels for work, Melissa was worried she wouldn’t be able to maintain the oil pulling routine long enough to see results. She was starting to feel defeated, but she was desperate to make something work.


Melissa decided to do more research and see if there was a way to make oil pulling more convenient. She found a product called COCOCLEAR and decided to give it a try.


She was immediately impressed by the peppermint taste, and easy-to-use tube. No more measuring and mess-making!


This was something she could take with her anywhere, and she would no longer have to worry about suffering through 20 minutes of her gag reflex.


Finally Melissa found a feasible solution to whitening her teeth!


COCOCLEAR is a completely natural, organic product, that makes oil pulling easy and enjoyable.


Why you should practice oil pulling with 100% Natural COCOCLEAR.


1. It’s made with only the finest ingredients.


COCOCLEAR uses only pure, virgin, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, and the highest quality essential oils. Only the best ingredients make it into the tube.

Studies show that oil pulling is most effective when done with high quality oils. The organic coconut oil boasts the most benefits.


The coconut oil in COCOCLEAR is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It rids your mouth of toxins, including those in hard-to-reach places.


The oil also contains 51% lauric acid, a natural immune booster.


COCOCLEAR is fair trade, gluten free, and vegan. You can feel good about the quality and care that goes into this product.


On top of all that, it boasts 100% pure, therapeutic grade, high potency peppermint oil. Peppermint has been shown to aid in digestion, and fight harmful bacteria.


And as Melissa found out, the peppermint flavor enhances the oil pulling experience, making it more enjoyable!


2. It whitens your teeth, safely!


Oil pulling with COCOCLEAR naturally whitens teeth gently and safely. Unlike other teeth whitening methods, COCOCLEAR does not cause tooth sensitivity or weaken enamel.



And you won’t have to worry about bloody gums or the painful aftermath of teeth scaling and root planing like you experience after a visit to the dentist. Oil pulling is safe enough for a lifetime of use, which is something you can’t say about whitening strips or peroxide treatments. And it has stood the test of time, which means it has been adopted and used by generations of holistic health experts.


3. It promotes better oral hygiene.


Our mouths are full of bacteria and germs and simple brushing and flossing don’t do enough to eliminate them.


COCOCLEAR is the fastest, most natural way to practice good oral hygiene, keep your mouth clean, and prevent dental problems like cavities and gingivitis.


One study showed that oil pulling with virgin coconut oil is effective in killing S. mutans, the primary bacteria that causes cavities.


Many users notice that the gum redness and sensitivity that comes with gingivitis clears up within just two weeks of using COCOCLEAR.


4. It freshens your breath.


COCOCLEAR naturally helps destroy bacteria and reduce plaque, which commonly causes bad breath. By swishing oil through your teeth, the oil vacuums up microorganisms that lead to halitosis.


Imagine not fighting the battle of morning breath, or not having to chew gum throughout the day to make sure your breath is still fresh.

If you’re an avid mouthwash user, you might love the feeling of minty freshness that comes with your daily gargle, but unfortunately mouthwash can only mask underlying problems causing bad breath.


Oil pulling with COCOCLEAR treats these problems at the source, meaning bad breath won’t creep up on you unexpectedly.



5. It’s a whole body detox.


Your body is constantly trying to rid itself of toxins. Key organs (think kidneys and liver) work overtime to sort the good from the bad and keep us healthy.


Oil pulling works to stop the toxins at their source, before they enter the body and the bloodstream. And because most toxins find their way into our bodies through our mouths, good oral hygiene is our best line of defense.


As an ancient Ayurvedic practice, oil pulling is one of the most remarkable methods of detoxification and healing. And it has been around for more than 3,000 years!




Step One

Once COCOCLEAR enters the mouth, it mixes with saliva and turns into a white liquid.





Step Two


The fats in the oil act like a vacuum and work to pull out toxins and microorganisms from the oral cavity. With continuous swishing around the mouth, the oil gently moves between the teeth and around the gums, allowing COCOCLEAR’s true action to activate.





Step Three

Once COCOCLEAR thickens and becomes viscous, you simply spit it out in the trash, because you don’t want to reabsorb toxins or bad bacteria.






I was planning for my wedding day and doing everything I could to whiten my smile. Every bride wants to looks beautiful, and now I have one less thing to worry about! -Melissa


Melissa had just been masking the underlying problem of poor oral hygiene without realizing it.


Once she started oil pulling with COCOCLEAR, she was able to improve her oral health and whiten her smile.


Her oral hygiene was also causing her a lot of other problems that she hadn’t noticed before.


After using COCOCLEAR, she noticed that her quality of sleep improved and she had fewer acne breakouts.


Oil pulling rids the body of millions of harmful toxins. This purifies your body, and helps heal common ailments that can be traced back to oral health.


If you’re like Melissa, and you can’t stand the thought of devoting any more time and money to useless whitening products, then COCOCLEAR is the solution for you.


The convenient tube is easy to use, and small enough to take with you wherever you go.


With COCOCLEAR, it’s easy to make oil pulling part of your daily routine, and you can commit to lifelong health and healing.

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